How To Write A Perfect Email

While working with the communications team, for the first few months of my first job, at a company that is at the top of the game and takes communications very seriously, I learned the nitty-gritty of communication and how important it is to communicate in a corporate environment.  That one punctuation, spelling, or period everything counts.

Today after reading this article you will be taking home impeccable learning which you’re going to use throughout your life while you are in the office or home when you took your office work to your home and on most of your working days it’s inevitable and it’s impactful.

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Here are my five keys to writing a precise, powerful, and impactful email.


It’s the most important part of any email you must always include a subject line.

It sets the expectation like it’s important, urgent, casual, or repetitive.

By reading the subject line the reader must have a glimpse of what this email is all about.    

“Followup: New product launch”

2-Parts of an email.

Remember your high school english teacher who used to tell about the importance of having a header, a body, and a conclusion in letter writing.

The same follows here, instead of three parts of the letter we have four parts of an email:



It is the first line of the email and is used for greeting the audience. Hello, or Hi, you must know your audience whom you can write a formal salutation or otherwise.

I prefer starting with “Hello First_Name,” it gives a personal touch to the email.


here you provide all the details to and from the audience and you can be a little liberal with words and details.


In this section, you can finally reiterate the request and message, in short, to wrap up all things gracefully.


Its identifier of the sender includes name designation and other professional and personal details relevant to the email.

Most of the email applications/ programs allow the users to set a digital signature which is automatically added to every email that they send.


Ritesh O.


ABC Company, Inc.”

3-Grammar and Punctuation:

Yes it matters, and who knows if your boss does not like the people who write grammatically incorrect sentences, I know many such persons.

But here I’ve got you covered try using word processors, such as Microsoft word, google doc or a tool like Grammarly.

They are of utmost help because every comma, period, grammar, and where to put them matters to most professional people.


You must know the target individual or audience and based on that you need to put your words on your digital paper, it gives you the power to play, it stands out in the receiver’s Inbox, builds trust, builds deeper relationships, and boosts your business by enhancing its face value.

It also shows that the receiver is important, and who in the world doesn’t want to feel important.

5-Proof Reading

Read it, read it, read it, no that’s not a typo here it’s my earnest request to the reader proofread your email multiple times before sending it.

How many times to read? Well, that depends upon your audience, how important your audience is.

I read three times before sending my emails to a senior, twice to a colleague and junior.


Author – Ritesh Ojha

Email –

Intro  – Loves writing and diving deep into the stranger theories and new technologies, knows about emerging technologies, eCommerce, EdTechs, Geopolitics.


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