How To Write A Perfect Email

While working with the communications team, for the first few months of my first job, at a company that is at the top of the game and takes communications very seriously, I learned the nitty-gritty of communication and how important it is to communicate in a corporate environment.  That one punctuation, spelling, or period everything counts.

Today after reading this article you will be taking home impeccable learning which you’re going to use throughout your life while you are in the office or home when you took your office work to your home and on most of your working days it’s inevitable and it’s impactful.

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Here are my five keys to writing a precise, powerful, and impactful email.


It’s the most important part of any email you must always include a subject line.

It sets the expectation like it’s important, urgent, casual, or repetitive.

By reading the subject line the reader must have a glimpse of what this email is all about.    

“Followup: New product launch”

2-Parts of an email.

Remember your high school english teacher who used to tell about the importance of having a header, a body, and a conclusion in letter writing.

The same follows here, instead of three parts of the letter we have four parts of an email:



It is the first line of the email and is used for greeting the audience. Hello, or Hi, you must know your audience whom you can write a formal salutation or otherwise.

I prefer starting with “Hello First_Name,” it gives a personal touch to the email.


here you provide all the details to and from the audience and you can be a little liberal with words and details.


In this section, you can finally reiterate the request and message, in short, to wrap up all things gracefully.


Its identifier of the sender includes name designation and other professional and personal details relevant to the email.

Most of the email applications/ programs allow the users to set a digital signature which is automatically added to every email that they send.


Ritesh O.


ABC Company, Inc.”

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3-Grammar and Punctuation:

Yes it matters, and who knows if your boss does not like the people who write grammatically incorrect sentences, I know many such persons.

But here I’ve got you covered try using word processors, such as Microsoft word, google doc or a tool like Grammarly.

They are of utmost help because every comma, period, grammar, and where to put them matters to most professional people.


You must know the target individual or audience and based on that you need to put your words on your digital paper, it gives you the power to play, it stands out in the receiver’s Inbox, builds trust, builds deeper relationships, and boosts your business by enhancing its face value.

It also shows that the receiver is important, and who in the world doesn’t want to feel important.

5-Proof Reading

Read it, read it, read it, no that’s not a typo here it’s my earnest request to the reader proofread your email multiple times before sending it.

How many times to read? Well, that depends upon your audience, how important your audience is.

I read three times before sending my emails to a senior, twice to a colleague and junior.


Author – Ritesh Ojha

Email – [email protected]

Intro  – Loves writing and diving deep into the stranger theories and new technologies, knows about emerging technologies, eCommerce, EdTechs, Geopolitics.


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Quantum Computing, the Buzz Word

Have you ever heard of Schrödinger’s cat, quantum superposition, quantum entanglement, quantum supremacy if yes! Then you’re living a very interesting life(maybe) if not, I’ve just given you a list of subjects to dwell upon on this Saturday afternoon, and thank me later to jolt your brain little and to confirm that yes there is something unusual with this world, yes my friend you were right in your brain.

1-What is quantum computing

Quantum computing harnesses quantum mechanical phenomena such as quantum superposition and quantum entanglement to perform computation at a speed that is unimaginable for even supercomputers of the day, for this it uses qubits or quantum bits instead of 0’s and 1’s bits of classical computing. These qubits can represent 0 and 1 both at the same time.

There are problems for which we have solutions but then there are bigger problems which sometimes needs a revolutionary invention to deal with, so If we go back some 50 years back in time it was almost impossible for scientists and engineers to build a real-time weather forecast system, but now with the help of supercomputers, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning we have developed such early warning systems which save lacs of lives every year, this was due to revolution in developing new computing methodologies.

So what scientists are claiming is, that this is the future of computing, and what it will bring with its development was never imagined before. And as we are reading this article, the world’s major government agencies and big fortune companies and their scientists are working on quantum computing.


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Basic quantum principles:

Quantum superposition-

A single qubit can represent multiple possible combinations of 1 and 0 at the same time, this property of simultaneous multiple states is called superposition, to achieve this, scientists use microwave beams and precision lasers to manipulate the states, few qubits in superposition can generate a vast number of potential outcomes simultaneously.

Quantum entanglement-

In simple words entanglement means attached, researchers can generate entangled pairs of qubits which means the two-member qubits exist in a single quantum state, in such a way that changing the state of one of the qubits will instantaneously change the state of the other qubit in a predictable way. Even if the qubits are separated by very long distances.

No one really knows why or how it works and some state it as a mystery and when scientists say it’s a mystery it becomes interesting. Even Albert Einstein described this phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance.” But it is this unique phenomenon that gives it, its computing prowess.  The only bad news is that these quantum machines are very error-prone because of decoherence and need much research to come up with clean and fully operational quantum computing.



2-Quantum supremacy-

It’s a race between classical computer vs. quantum computing, where a programmable quantum device solves a problem which no classical computer can solve in a limited or feasible time. In October 2019, Google’s scientists claimed that they have achieved quantum supremacy and that created quite a controversy among the scientific community. Google claims that its 54 qubit processor Sycamore performed a series of computations in 200 seconds, which would have taken 10,000 years to performed by today’s fastest supercomputer on earth.


3-Who is where:

The projected quantum computing market goal is $65 billion by the end of 2030, and hence all big tech hands in the market like Google(Quantum AI Lab), Microsoft(Azure Quantum), Amazon(Amazon Braket) are hugely investing in developing quantum technology and tools. Similarly, there is a program from IBM(IBM Quantum, it even allows people to signup for access to its cloud-based quantum machine which allows people to run quantum algorithms and quantum circuits, which you can try right away.

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4-Race among countries:

India’s latest budget, announces a commitment of  US$1.12 billion over five years as part of its national quantum mission. In 2016, Europe pledged US$1.13 billion for the development of quantum technologies. President of the US, Donald Trump signed a bill in 2018, to invest US$1.2 billion over five years in a national quantum initiative, Russia is also spending the equivalent of dollars on quantum technologies, and the race is on.

5-Lastly, I’ll leave you with Schrodinger’s cat

A cat is placed in a steel box alongside a Geiger counter, a vial of poison, a hammer, and a radioactive substance. When the radioactive substance decays, the Geiger detects it and triggers the hammer to release the poison, which subsequently kills the cat. The disintegration is a random process, and there’s no direct or indirect way to predict when it’ll happen. Physicists say the atom exists in a state referred to as a superposition—both decayed and not decayed at a similar time.

Until the box is opened, an observer doesn’t know whether the cat is alive or dead—because the cat’s fate is intrinsically tied as to whether or not the atom has decayed and thus the cat would, as Schrödinger put it, be “living and dead … in equal parts” until it’s observed.

In other words, until the box was opened, the cat’s state is totally unknown, and therefore, the cat is taken into account to be both alive and dead at an equivalent time until it’s observed.



Author – Ritesh Ojha

Ecommerce the World and India
Ecommerce the World and India

Genisis- It all began with the advent of the internet, in the late 1960s, the Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the USA started working on a project to achieve network communications between computers, what was meant to be used in defense research is in hands of kids and everyone else nowadays. however one of the major breakthroughs it brought along with its growth was Ecommerce, in one of the interviews, Jeff Bezos recalls how there were only a few takers in his early dream of selling things on the internet, and what started as an online bookselling startup has made a person richest person of human history.

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