Which is Good for Small business and Start-up! Mobile App or Website

I guess is the first issue which every start-up or small business has to face

And it’s very very important to have a web presence online for a business, these days, as people generally go online to read about your products and company. So, a basic company website is a must.

If you are planning to build new business for this, you require online promotion which enables users to interact, then you have three options:

  1. Build a website (in simple word, websites with interactivity features)
  2. Build a mobile app
  3. Build both website and mobile apps

But building both a website and mobile app is the best idea to ensure that you have a strong online presence and are able to reach a wide audience.

Here, know the benefits of having a Website & Mobile App

Having websites helps you to:
  1. Gain new customers – Get the opportunity to be visible on Google, by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Through Keywords.
  2. Social Media Platform – where you can increase your customers and followers by posting your design and products by different and creative designs.
Having apps help you to:
  1. Connect new markets – With an app, you are able to offer easy access to users who prefer using mobile devices to access online products
  2. Engage customers – Customers who download your app tend to use it for a long time.
  3. Easy and cost-effective marketing – In-App features like push notifications, pop-ups, and connectivity to user mobile wallets, location services, etc.

By knowing the importance of Website Development and Mobile App Development the best way is to build both websites and mobile apps but give the first priority to build a website and then use the services of an online by making your own app from your existing website.

You don’t have to think much while having an app and a website. Your website and an app can (and must!) work together. This combination can give you the best chance to expand your business and reach new customers.

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