Solutions Health Check

Our solutions health checks include deep analysis of your network security infrastructure to determine the readiness of your security posture.
NAC And Segmentation Solutions Health Check

Nio Stars’s security specialists will assess current state of your NAC and Network Segmentation solution implemented using Cisco ISE, identify deficiencies and create a “get well” plan for the solution.

Customers face a myriad challenges when it comes to ensuring that their ISE environment is providing the best security possible for their network, whether this is configuration, operations, resource allocation, or following best practices. An ISE Health Check is designed to ensure that your ISE environment is up to date, follows industry-leading best practices, and allows Nio Stars to guide the customer closer to their goal of creating a Zero Trust environment.

Service Features
Our service features involve:

  • Current NAC infrastructure review
  • Requirement gathering and use case development through interactive discussion.
  • Health check and gap analysis document
  • Optimization planning
  • Assistance with production rollout of features and configuration
  • Knowledge transfer
Firewall Health Check Services

Our Firewall Health Check services help you to identify the root cause for any firewall performance issues and any possible vulnerabilities in your configuration.

Business Context

Organizations usually have the right idea when it comes to incorporating firewalls for their security infrastructure. However, active maintenance and best practices for configurations can fall by the wayside. From an overworked IT team, to outdated equipment or simply not having an optimal practice in place, the ability to best protect oneself may be hindered. A Firewall Health Check involves and addresses:

  • An architecture and configuration audit
  • Vendor and industry best practices
  • Performance bottlenecks
  • Remediation plan to address any deviations from best practices

Why Nio Stars

Nio Stars has extensive experience when it comes to Firewalls. We’ve worked with mid-range to large enterprises including Fortune 1000 companies. Our ability to identify vulnerabilities, optimize configurations and offer effective consulting at low costs makes us a trusted partner and problem solver for making sure your business operations continue with little or no interruption.

Our Firewall Deployment Health Check methodology involves:

  • Analyzing your requirements through a workshop with your organization
  • Conducting a review of the deployed firewalls to assess architecture
  • Implementing policies and configuration best practices
  • Deliver detailed health check report

Network Security and Architecture Assessment

Let our experts help you understand and strengthen your organization’s infrastructure security architecture.

With the advent of digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions and introduction of new technologies, corporate networks and IT infrastructure continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Often, this rapid pace of change results in unintended gaps in organization’s network security and may result in exposure of business-critical applications and business data to cyber criminals. It is important for all organizations to assess network and security architecture on a periodic basis to ensure that adequate security controls are in place. A comprehensive assessment must include internal network security controls, perimeter security, data center network architecture, wireless network architecture, unified communication architecture and end-point security.

Why Nio Stars

Nio Stars developed a Network & Security Control framework to assure that the proposed network architecture protects your extended network infrastructure, attached devices, and business data. This framework is consistent with common security regulatory and industry compliance and is vendor independent.

Nio Stars uses this framework to perform a comprehensive architectural assessment of your IT infrastructure and identify assess security gaps. Our services assist you with revisions to the network and security architecture, prioritization of tasks, and development of an implementation roadmap.

Nio Stars understands that the network and related infrastructure are a strategic platform that drives business growth, and that business runs better when IT services are aligned with business needs and opportunities. Nio Stars’s collaborative approach with various customer stake holders helps ensure desired business outcomes.

Service Features

Our services provide flexibility to match your unique business needs, IT infrastructure, and budgetary constraints. Secuview’s Network & Security Architecture Assessment Service and the underlying Security Control Framework can be customized to focus on various functional domains in your infrastructure to achieve short and long-term technology goals. The scope of services may include:

Internal Network Security Architecture Assessment

  • Perimeter Security Architecture Assessment
  • Unified Communications Architecture Assessment
  • Wireless Architecture Assessment
  • Data Center Architecture Assessment
  • Endpoint Security Architecture Assessment
  • Firewall Rules Assessment
  • Physical Security Architecture Assessment

At a high level, our assessment methodology is as follows:

  • Review customer’s security business goals, objectives, and requirements
  • Review existing network and security architecture and design documentation, including physical and logical designs, network topology diagrams, device configurations, and blueprints as needed
  • For each functional domain included in the scope, evaluate whether recommended controls specified in the Nio Stars’s Architecture Control Framework are present in the customer’s network architecture
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of each technical control at delivering the desired security function
  • Evaluate the network and security architecture for scalability, performance, and manageability
  • Identify vulnerabilities in the security infrastructure
  • Provide a report that documents control gaps, security risk analysis, and prioritized and actionable recommendations for remediation
  • Present the findings and prioritized recommendations
  • Create a robust and scalable security architecture using a business-focused, risk-avoidance approach
  • Address compliance requirements by identifying improved internal controls

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Why Nio Stars Technologies For Advisory Services?

Every web application or custom web app developed by Nio Stars Technologies undergoes comprehensive research, and strategy as per requirement for web projects.

  • Flexible engagement model
  • Flexibility to choose the best resources from an experienced team.
  • The transparent process throughout project execution.
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection
  • Top rated by Upwork and
  • Expertise on Open source & Proprietary technology
  • Dedicated Project Manager and Account Manager

Compliance Readiness Assessment


Many businesses face the challenge navigating the compliance regulations of PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GBLA and others mandated by the government, their customers or their industry.

Getting prepared for an upcoming compliance audit can be time consuming and complicated.

If compliance is not met it can result in significant financial and reputational harm, and/or result in punitive fines.

Why Nio Stars

We can assess what is necessary for meeting compliance in your organization. Identify the areas of the compliance standards that are applicable to your organization. Our professionals have the domain expertise with the following:

  • Sarbanes Oxley 404
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • ·ISO 27001/2
  • ·NIST 800-53 & 171
  • ·GDPR
  • ·FFIEC and GLBA
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