Network Access Control & Segmentation Services

Nio Stars is the industry expert in NAC & Segmentation, having completed over 500 deployments world-wide.

Network segmentation is an architectural approach to divide a corporate network into smaller networks to improve performance, maintainability, and security. A properly segmented network is the result of a well thought out, thorough architecture that makes it very difficult for cyber threats to breach a corporate network and propagate inside it. Customers gain the following benefits:

  • The reduction of security attack surface
  • Helping meet compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR
  • Reducing the operational overhead for day-to-day security management

Network access control reduces cyber threat risk by introducing greater security at the edge of the network, and preventing unauthorized access.

Nio Stars has partnered with Cisco to implement industry leading solutions for network access control and network segmentation. Nio Stars is a leading provider of solutions based on Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) across the globe. You can be assured of improved security posture with Nio Stars’s proven design and implementation methodologies coupled with Cisco ISE.

NAC & Segmentation Implementation

Investing in Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) adds another layer of security to your enterprise network and helps protect business-critical digital assets. Adding Cisco TrustSec to further enhance network security through segmentation provides another layer of defense against various cyber threats.

Increasingly, business owners are driving aggressive implementation schedules to ensure regulatory compliance, security of critical data, and to stay ahead of the rapidly changing threat landscape. Having an advisor who will work with you to assess needs, design a solution that is future proof, and implement a solution that your staff can operate with ease is beneficial. By choosing the right advisor and implementation partner, your organization’s network security is assured.

Why Nio Stars

Hundreds of organizations have chosen Nio Stars to be their trusted advisor and implementation partner. Nio Stars will serve as a trusted advisor to ensure proper consideration and execution of Cisco ISE and TrustSec technologies, to ensure the security of your network and data.

Nio Stars has developed a robust Network Segmentation and Access Control methodology based on the concept of Zero Trust security. Our methodology is based on three key concepts:

Do not automatically trust any device that connects your network

Verify authenticity of any device and person that attempts to connect to the network before granting access

Limit access to specific resources based on role of the user and/or device

Service Features

Our implementation services are based on industry and time-tested best practices, including:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Use case development
  • Solution design
  • Test plan
  • Solution implementation
  • Integration with infrastructure services (e.g., Active Directory, Public Key Infrastructure)
  • API based integration with other security solutions
  • Verification of use cases
  • Production roll out of the solution
  • Operation procedures
  • End to end project management
NAC & Segmentation Migration

Nio Stars is a preferred partner for trusted advisory and migration services relating to Network Access Control and Segmentation solutions.

To account for the various cybersecurity threats found in the wild today, organizations have an obligation to use the most recent version of their NAC solutions. Additionally, by using the most up to date version of an organization’s preferred NAC solution, they can ensure access to critical features, such as: 802.1x, enhanced compliance reporting, and endpoint discovery.

Why Nio Stars

The process of updating a NAC solution requires an intricate understanding of the NAC solution and a customer’s network. Nio Stars, by working closely with partners and customers, ensures that the upgrade process will be seamless without disruption of business operations

Nio Stars’s team has an extensive history in designing, deploying, operating, and upgrading NAC solutions. Nio Stars is a Certified Forescout Delivery Partner and has performed over 500 Cisco ISE deployments worldwide. Nio Stars’s depth, knowledge base, and methodology is regarded as the industry standard for NAC support

Service Features

Our migration services involve:

  • New NAC product features overview
  • Requirement gathering and use case development through interactive discussion
  • Solution design containing HLD and LLD details
  • Migration planning
  • Use case verification using “Network Ready for Use case” methodology
  • Solution implementation using phased approach
  • Production roll out of the solution
  • Operational runbook
  • Knowledge transfer
Managed ISE Services

Leverage Nio Stars’s expertise in Cisco ISE implementation to continually monitor and manage your Cisco ISE environment.

Most organizations do not have the capacity to properly manage and operate ISE.  Organizations are often not aware or skilled enough in ISE to identify outdated configurations relating to ISE.  ISE requires day-to-day end point troubleshooting, policy management, and reporting.  Without proper upkeep and maintenance to ISE, your network environment can be compromised.

Why Nio Stars

Nio Stars has a deep heritage and expertise in 24x7 security monitoring of IT security infrastructure, implementation, and management of Cisco ISE. Nio Stars has performed over 500 ISE deployments and can assist your network and security administrators with monitoring and management of Cisco ISE. Nio Stars makes sure that your ISE infrastructure is up to date and continuously optimized. Its security engineers will assist with troubleshooting and rollout of security policies.

Service Features
  • Management of ISE solution components
  • 24x7 monitoring of ISE infrastructure alerts
  • Assisting with resolution of issues related to ISE
  • Fine tuning performance of ISE
  • Patching and major upgrades of ISE solution components
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of issues such as failed authentications, supplicant misconfigurations, failed or incorrect authorizations etc
  • Assisting with rollout of ISE security policies
  • Annual solution review, gap analysis, and recommendations

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Why Nio Stars Technologies For Advisory Services?

Every web application or custom web app developed by Nio Stars Technologies undergoes comprehensive research, and strategy as per requirement for web projects.

  • Flexible engagement model
  • Flexibility to choose the best resources from an experienced team.
  • The transparent process throughout project execution.
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection
  • Top rated by Upwork and
  • Expertise on Open source & Proprietary technology
  • Dedicated Project Manager and Account Manager

Firewall Services

The Nio Stars firewall team of security consultants have experience in over 200 deployments offering multi-vendor capability through its firewall services.

Nio Stars’s certified firewall engineers have designed, implemented, secured, operated, and migrated some of the largest firewall environments in the world for enterprise customers in banking, finance, manufacturing, healthcare and others.

Nio Stars’s Firewall Services delivers targeted value, including the following:

  • Nio Stars has experience with firewalls globally, which helps you reduce risk, support compliance, and make security operations more efficient.
  • A team-focused delivery approach with experienced project managers, firewall architects, and firewall engineers providing technical expertise to ensure firewall projects go as expected.
Firewall Implementations

Nio Stars can help you deploy and enable your next generation firewalls while ensuring your compliance requirements are met.

Business Context

A next generation firewall, unlike a traditional firewall, goes beyond port and protocol inspection. Next generation firewalls have the capability to do intrusion detection/prevention, malware detection/prevention, application level inspection, and URL filtering. Though more intelligence is added in these firewalls, the complexity in designing the firewall architecture, configuration, and implementation can create challenges and pose risk to an organization. Firewall implementation services essentially involves designing and deploying a new firewall infrastructure for an organization.

Why Nio Stars

For over ten years Nio Stars has performed hundreds of successful Firewall deployments for all types of organization from small to large enterprise around the world.

Nio Stars’s methodology is to first understand an organization’s network infrastructure and applications. Then, with the appropriate information, Nio Stars designs and implements a firewall solution that secures the customer’s environment, while minimizing the impact to the overall business.

Our implementation services are based on industry and time-tested best practices, and include:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Network infrastructure and critical application review
  • Solution design and use case development
  • Test plan
  • Cutover procedure
  • Cutover support
  • Post cutover support
  • Knowledge transfer
Firewall Migrations

Nio Stars maximizes the return on your firewall investment by ensuring efficient, consistent, and professional migration, covering a variety of vendors.

Business Challenge

Organizations continue to utilize old firewall platforms, creating vulnerabilities in their network posture. By utilizing Nio Stars’s professional services, organizations can migrate to next generation firewalls, which offer deeper visibility and control with features like application awareness, identity integration, URL filtering, and malware detection.

Continuing to utilize older firewalls, which lacks next generation features, poses an overall security risk to organizations.

Migrating from older hardware to newer firewalls not only ensures a stronger security posture for organizations, but also allows them to continue to scale, and grow their business.

Why Nio Stars

Nio Stars has successfully migrated hundreds of firewalls for enterprise customers in banking, finance, manufacturing, healthcare and others. Nio Stars utilizes industry and in-house developed tools to automate and accelerate the firewall migration. Nio Stars’s proven delivery methodology with its automation tools reduces the complexity, cost and down-time during the migration.

Service Features
  • Requirement Gathering/Workshop
  • Configuration File Analysis
  • Firewall Configuration Conversion
  • Firewall Lab Testing
  • Cutover Support
  • Post Cutover Support
  • Knowledge Transfer
Firewall Optimizations

Our Firewall Optimization Services allow you to find the best practices and policies to gain full utilization of your security posture.

Business Context

As organizations grow and mature, their firewall policy needs change. Organizations fail to ensure that these changes are compatible with current solutions, and that the firewall requirements scales as the organization scales. This lack of change creates holes in the security posture of organizations.

Organizations with outdated policies will allow data traffic that should be blocked to move through their network, creating security vulnerabilities, which will result in a failure to utilize the capabilities of their firewalls.

Why Nio Stars

Nio Stars’s Firewall Optimization Service analyzes existing firewall policies, reviews placement of assets relative to the firewalls throughout the network, and allows Nio Stars to recommend and implement best practices to ensure maximum return on your security investment.

This mitigates the security risk of unwarranted traffic and boosts performance of the firewall and applications within the network. This solution will help an organization’s internal security team to better manage the firewalls going forward.

We understand the best practices for firewalls and have developed in house specialized tools to optimize configurations, manually adjust and fine tune rules as per the customer’s business needs.

Our Firewall Optimization features:
  • Identify and remove unused and duplicate network/service objects
  • Identify and remove shadowed and redundant rules
  • Consolidate and/or reorder rules for optimal performance
  • Removed unused/expired rules based on security and business needs
  • Provide hardening/compliance report based on firewall configuration

VPN Implementation

Our VPN Implementation will ensure that you have the most up-date security practices when it comes to secure network access, multi-factor authentication, and compliance.

Currently many companies today use a single factor authentication method to set up their VPN and lack zero trust implementation in their security practices. Single factor authentification does not sufficiently protect against spoofing which may lead to identity theft.

Customers will be benefit from zero trust policies and multi-factor authentification when implemented into their VPN practices.

VPN Implementation Service involves configuration of the VPN concentrator, and integration with products that provide multi factor authentication by experienced network security engineers who understand every facet necessary for effective implementation.

Why Nio Stars

Nio Stars understands the complexities involved during the VPN implementation process. Our process includes information gathering workshop on customer network architecture, lab testing, pilot rollout and production rollout.

Our experts will use products that integrate to allow for multi factor authentication and posture compliance.

This service includes integrating VPN and Cisco Network access control solution ISE. Integrating with ISE will allow companies to check the compliance of the endpoints before allowing them onto the network.

Service Features

Nio Stars’s VPN service includes the Greenfield VPN implementation, migration of existing VPN to newer and secured VPN solutions, design recommendation/validations and integration with multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions or any third-party solutions that provide more security and visibility to VPN solution.

  • Requirements workshop
  • Solutions design document
  • Remote VPN lab testing
  • Limited VPN user rollout
  • Production rollout
  • Knowledge transfer
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