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In modern days mobile application is becoming an integral part of every business, and every organization and also small businesses use mobile apps to gain engagement with clients. Mobile apps can help businesses to reach new clients, offer support to the customers, and engage customers.

Are you looking for a Mobile Application Development Company in Pune that can help you to expand your business through proficient mobile apps? Then we are a trusted name in the app development industry; we offer comprehensive app development services to startups and organizations. We have a dedicated and experienced team who use their experience to provide high-quality digital expertise to our clients. By adopting changes in the application development industry, we offer the best return on investment.

Mobile App development Company in Pune

As we know, well developed, mobile applications can help to grow business, and at Nio Stars Technologies, we offer you user-friendly and secure mobile apps. We are a top-class Android App Development and IOS App Development Company in Pune city as per the requirements of our client.

With a global transition to mobile an inevitable certainty, the demand for native and cross-platform mobile applications is now second to none. Our team of proficient and experienced developers continues to deliver exceptional results in this vertical.

Types of Mobile Application We Develop

Android App Development

As a reputed Android Application Development Company in Pune, we work on technologies like Figma, firebase, React-Native to provide excellent quality android applications. Our android development teams has great analytical skill, highly creative, and have in-depth knowledge about android technologies and modern programming languages. Our experience android team can able to develop any application in a given time & cost estimate.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

We use multiplatform web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. to develop hybrid mobile applications. Hybrid apps are those applications that can run on multiple platforms; in simple words, a unique hybrid application is compatible with android, IOS, and Windows, etc. If you are looking for a Hybrid mobile application Development Company in Pune, then Nio Stars Technologies is a one-stop solution for you.

IOS App Development

IOS is one of the famous and comparatively secure operating systems in the world. IOS Phones are growing their popularity and prestige day by day because of its user-friendly nature and lots of useful applications. We work on technologies and tools like objective c, Swift, invasion, Mocks with our creative team, which continually working to fulfill the requirements of our clients all over the world.

Native Mobile application development

Native application development means the development of applications is only for a particular operating system, and they are not able to run on another operating system. In simple terms, native apps are applications that build for operating systems like android, ios, and Windows cannot be support OS than their own.

Process of Application Develoement at Nio Stars Technologies

Developing a mobile application is a common task, but making mobile app user-friendly and Lead generation machines for your business matters the most.


At the meeting phase, we meet our clients and understand the actual needs of the client. This helps to develop the application as per the needs of the client.


Planning is an essential aspect in the app development process where we study the targeted audience, the aim of application, and platform which app will be develop so we can develop the quality

Prototyping and Designing

At the prototyping phase, we create an early sketch to denote the flow of the mobile app, which helps us in the design and development phase.


At the coding or development phase, we convert the prototype in the mobile application. At the development phase, we transform row information into a working system.


Before the release of your application, we test a developed mobile app, again and again, to make it bug-free. Because providing quality mobile apps are our main motto.

The app launch phase

Launching is the final stage of app development. At this stage, we upload the application on different app store platforms like the IOS app store, Google plays, etc.

We have the expertise in developing top of the line mobile apps. Please let us know your requirement and we would be happy to discuss the projects on developing mobile apps with you.
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