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Whether it’s a smart business plan or marketing strategy, businesses need a lot to succeed.

In anyhow technology is incredibly important nowadays.

So upgrade yourself. You should have contact with the online world and a website is a way to go.

Most people think Social media is far better than the Website. So here we are going to distinguish the website Vs. Social media

The main advantage of creating a beautiful and responsive website for your business is that you own it. That means that you can control your brand and its online presence always.

Somehow Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more works great to establish your business online, and easily you can promote it. But it certainly limits your control of the things you want to do. For example, you need to follow certain rules when it comes to posting content. Also, you should know the number of times you can post and how many users/followers you want to check your updates. But when it comes to business websites you can keep it as simple as a one-page or more pages.

Now let have a look in…

  Advantages of Having a Website

  • Improves business credibility – According to a survey, more than 85% of consumers believe that companies with websites are highly honorable. If your own website, it will definitely permit your business and improve its credibility.
  • Affordable – These days you can find a number of cost-effective options to create a high-quality website. It all depends on your business size, requirements, and budgets. In fact, you can always make the necessary changes and improvements later.
  • Helpful for better marketing – When you get your business online you can easily communicate with a huge group of people. By having your own online platform you can add more useful features for promoting your business. It includes blogs, videos, a customer feedback section, and many more promotional offers.
  • Get full control – Having a website gives you the freedom to control what you put on it. You can start with free templates or an affordable web designing company. It will make your site to make your online business stand out of the competition in google search.
  • Available 24/7 – With an effective website you can provide your incredible services 24 hours and 7 days a week. So most customers can connect with your brand from around the world without struggling with different time zones.

  Advantages of Having a Social Media

  • Brand Advertising – Most people prefer to shop from brand pages they follow on social websites. By viewing the profile of a company on a social network customers are able to learn about its purpose and value. They also come to know about your mission and how you respond to their queries or doubts.
  • Free and quick – It is really easy and cost-free to create your social media account. However, to promote your social accounts further, you might have to set up the paid schemes to get more visitors to your page.
  • Customer engagement – With a popular social media profile you can get the attention of a number of buyers. This encourages businesses to facilitate interaction and create relationships.
  • Easy to Attract customers globally – Most businesses redirect the visitors on their site to their social media profile. This helps them to get increased revenue every year.

In all, we can suggest that every business should have both a website and a social media presence. Firstly, make sure that you should create a unique website for your company. After you have built an effective site you should focus on creating profiles on a popular social media page. Then you can link to the content on your site with social media pages to gain your follower’s attention.

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