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When you’ve come across online or you plan to have an online presence for your business then you will always have to face the important task which is The website you require It should be a Static or Dynamic Website.

Basically, Websites are separated into two different types: static and dynamic.

Static websites are fixed and display the same content for every user, written in HTML.

Whereas a dynamic website is one that can display different content and provide user interaction.

This we can also explain in the simplest terms, static Website pages are those with content that cannot change without a developer while dynamic Website pages can display different content from the user end also. When it comes to using static or dynamic pages for parts of your company’s website, the important part is the purpose each page serves for your website, code does not matter.

The Features of Static Website

Security: As there is no third person in the middle i.e. the database involved

Speed: The absence of a database reduces the time to load a website. The website gets opened in a few seconds.

Hosting and Price: Static websites usually have basic HTML files that require less space and hosting is cheaper comparatively.

Scalability: When a website is live, a basic static website with HTML files can be easily scaled just by increasing the bandwidth.

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The Features of Dynamic Website

Improved Control: In the dynamic website the user has complete control over the content and functionality of the webpage.

Better Search Engine:  SEO can be improved, due to improved features.

Better Control Over Data: There are better options available to record user over the webpage.

Higher Conversion Rate: Dynamic websites can better grab visitors’ attention, so conversion rate and user engagements are high.

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Advantages of Static Websites:

Easy to develop

Cheap to develop

Requires very little data to store on the server

Disadvantages  of Static Websites:

Requires web development expertise to update the site

The site is  not friendly

Content may suffer

Advantages of Dynamic Websites:

The website much more friendly

Much easier to update

Can connect to a database and content

New content brings people back to the site and helps in search engines

Disadvantages of  Dynamic Websites:

Slower, more expensive to develop

Accommodation is a bit more expensive


As a result, the decision on which website to have for your business should depend on the type of business you go to.

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